hi, i'm luc

I'm a french software engineer working at Vercel, building a platform for developers to deploy their applications to the cloud.

I started learning about building websites 15 years ago with XHTML, Notepad++ and EasyPHP.

Previously, I cofounded Sequence.work, a start-up that helped data scientists to annotate datasets.

I am on Twitter and Github.




March 2019 Object Detection – An API built with Tensorflow and Lambda functions to predict objects on images

March 2019 tensorflow-lambda – A package to run tensorflow on lambda functions

November 2018 next-size – Next.js plugin to print browser assets sizes

October 2018 🎰Emoji Machine – emoji suggestions for your thoughts

October 2018 styled-components/macro – a babel macro for styled-components

August 2018 sql – javascript tag to format SQL template literals

June 2018 terminal-markdown – markdown in your terminal

April 2018 next-purgecss – next.js + purgecss for faster websites

April 2018 next-progressbar – add a progress bar to next.js

March 2018 hyper-opacity – set the opacity of your hyper terminal

December 2017 lucleray.me – my personal website

May 2013 perceptron – an introduction to perceptrons with a demo

Jan to April 2013 OCR with Artificial Neural Networks (in french)

2010 Understanding how an electric guitar work (in french)

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